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Are you a Movie lover and you like to download movies or TV shows for free from the Internet, then maybe 9xflix can fulfill your requirements, and if you already know about 9xflix and visit this website to download or watch movies in free of cost then you should read this post, in this post, we are gonna share some facts about 9xflix website portal, so stay connected with us.

What is 9xflix?

9xflix is an online movie downloading website that provides all the latest movies or TV shows for free, which means this is an illegal web portal, and it is completely illegal. In short form, this website is a piracy website that is doing work against the Government or entertainment industry.

This type of website runs their domain name means the website with Movies searched keywords and it provides all the latest movies like Bollywood and Hollywood movies for free of cost, no matter what your age if you have an Internet connection then definitely you can visit the 9xflix website and start downloading movies from it.

9xflix, Web series download, 9xflix homepage
9xflix, 9xflix homepage

Also if you do not want to download the files from it, then you can watch them like an OTT platform, this type of website has a huge audience base that’s why the website owner does not care about domain ban or penalizing the website.

This type of web portal does its work in a smart way and we are going to tell you all about them. When you Visit website you can see the navigation menu like Bollywood and Hollywood, when you start downloading a file from it, you can see the actual file is not hosted on the main website.

That’s why the Government can’t ban this type of website but if the movie industry starts to complain against it then Google put this web URL in spam or Block folder.

What is 9xflix.com?

9xflix is the main web URL of 9xflix web portal, but this URL is not working because Google banned this domain name due to piracy content, so people who want to use 9xflix.com they can not access it even using a VPN network.

But you can visit other domain url of 9xflix which is live in GOOgle, and we can’t share the live link of this web portal, because 9x flix always changes the domain name and sifted users to a new website, so there is no fixed url to access.

Just search 9x flix on the Google or any other search engine and click on the first result to visit 9xflix.com

Name 9xflix.com
TypeMovie/TV sows downloading web portal
Is this legalNO
Is this paidNO

How does 9xflix.com work?

We all know how a piracy website works but some people do not know about this, actually, this type of website provides duplicate content like movies or TV shows, and thats why they always doing some illegal work to earn from it and keed run the website.

9xflix website team was very clever and they use some smart methods, they make a website where they write about the content and then they redirect user to an another website to download it or watch it, also they add many proxy networks to safe the URL.

When a person visit the website they can see many ads on the web portal, and if a person click on the ads then the can redirect to an another ads network portal, and maybe that ad is connected to some illegal work or virus content, so be safe from these type of ads and do not click on the ads who is not connected to a legal sites like Google or media.net. And definitely Google not support this type of website noir they approve this website.

When Google ban the official domain name 9xflix movie site buy a new domain and they make an new website, after making the website they redirect existing users to the new site, and due to the initial traffic they always rank on the top page, but after sometimes Google detect the web url and again ban the domain name.

But in this 1 to 2 months 9xflix website team earn a lot, and this process is always going on, the movie industry or Government cant control it.

How to download a 9xflix movie?

Well this is very simple just visit the live website and then click on the category which is show on home page you can choose the Bollywood option for hindi movies or the Hollywood option to Hollywood movies, then 9xflix redirect you to a new page where you can see all the movies, now choose a movie and go to the next process.

9xflix, Web series download, 9xflix homepage
9xflix, Web series download, 9xflix homepage

Then a new page will open in front of you, and here you can see the download link, you can download using torrent or you can use direct download link.

Now choose your file formate and click to download, but remember the download process or hosted website always changed so do it with your knowledge.

In this way you can download the Movie or TV shows from 9xflix.com website.

NOTE: 9xflix is a piracy website and this use many untrusted ad network, so do not do click on any ads, or do not visit this type of website, use a paid OTT platform to watch movie, paid platforms are really cheap Hotstar is come 499rs per year, so why you support the piracy?


Dear readers we share this post just for knowledge purpose and we do not recommend any piracy portal nor we connected to any on piracy website, so do not think that we are the official website of 9xflix, we are just a news portal and we share many topics, and if you like our post the do share it with your friends.

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