AdSense moving to a first-price auction – What is this E-mail?

AdSense moving to a first-price auction, Well guys, Creating post and publish it with a complete SEO method is boring work and it takes time, but earn money from it make your life better, that’s why we use AdSense more and more, and definitely, Google is the no.1 trusted company in the world, and we trust in Google right.

But sometimes Google sends an E-mail like this >>AdSense moving to a first-price auction which people can’t understand what is this mail and why they received it, today one of my friends remove his website from AdSense account after receiving this e-mail.

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AdSense moving to a first-price auction what is this?

This is a normal Email from Google Adsense, and it is not for Publishers, it is for advertisers, who Run Ads on google ads, this is an improvement massage from google and their actual meaning is they improve the Ad serving facilities.

To help advertiser better serving ads and spending decent money on it, this works like an auction means if 2 person want to run google ads in same Keywords, and they run ads according to there budgets, then Google automatically determines the price range and serve ads in the first page who pay high money.

This can help an advertiser to make his brand more famous and getting more leads from Google Ads, so this is a piece of good news for Publishers because they can earn more money and maybe CPC can increase in this method/update.

This is an older method because other Google ad serving platform like AdMob is already doing this AdSense moving to a first-price auction, and now AdSense moving to the first auction.

What do you need to do?

AdSense moving to a first-price auction
AdSense moving to a first-price auction

If you are a publisher the you do not need to do anything, AdSense doing this automatically, and, your ad Units are still exits on your web pages. And if you using auto ads then it is more good news for you it is set up automatically.

And this update does not affect to your ads revenue and receiving the payment from Google AdSense, so relax this is a normal E-mail, and it is not for website owners.

What is the Benefits to publishers and advertisers:

By streamlining the auction model across AdSense, Ad Manager, and AdMob, we are aligning our process with other ad selling platforms in the display advertising ecosystem. We believe this will help grow advertiser spending confidence in digital advertising and an increase in spending confidence over time will benefit publishers (that’s you).


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